Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker Review

Let us not underestimate this product because of it’s low price. I have been looking for a compact charcoal smoker for a long time. After spending more than $500 on many smokers and after a lot of trial and error, I finally got the product I was looking for.


An elegant finished body with great aesthetics and visually stunning which would put many more expensive products to shame. A steel body which looks beautiful as well as reassures the mind because of it’s build and quality.

It comes with Dual door which minimizes heat loss and also helps in saving fuel which is good. 784 square inches of real estate is provided which helps in cooking a substantial amount as opposed to the so called ‘ compact smoker ‘ which justifies less smoking area because of it being compact.

It holds almost 100 lbs of food in one go with six different grates each allowing more than 15 pounds of meat. I cooked almost 24 lbs of turkey at once and I am pleased to say that I was not at all disappointed with the product. The meat came out to be tender with the same smokiness which you expect from a good Bar B Q Restaurant. I let it cook for almost thirteen hours and was not worried because of it’s great build. The food came out to be exactly as I wanted. I was pretty happy with the feature which let’s me easily control the temperature, which is due to the vent on the either sides.

Another good thing is the adjustable grates (Six to be exact) which gives complete manual control over the charcoal smoker. This is the good thing about the product because it lets the food to be exactly as you want. The most important thing is that it is perfect for value conscious buyer because it is so inexpensive.


1. The Product is quite inexpensive( I know I told it before , but I have to stress on this fact)
2. Adjustable cooking grates(Six).
3. Easy to play around with the temperature with charcoal enameled chamber which increases the burn efficiency drastically.
4. High Grade steel , with industry grade High temperature powder coat.
5. Vertical design which lets smoke automatically rise upwards, thus improving burn efficiency.
6. Easy to clean because of powder coating which also increases it’s durability.
7. Large area of smoking chamber which lets more amount of food to be cooked at once.
8. Built in thermometer provides for accurate temperature management which is necessary for desired cooking.
9. It also allows for additional flavor because of Smoke Stack.
10. A wood tray which makes adding wooden chips far more easier.
11. Compact And light weight ( only 57 pounds) which makes backyard and picnic cooking so much easier than before.
12. Easy to get high temperatures and even easier to maintain it at the same.
13. Easy to assemble and even easier to work upon.


1. The gauge could have been thicker, but it is not a big problem as it is porcelain enameled ,so it reduces heat loss due to radiation.
2. Could be made a little more compact but no complaint here because when I compare it with other charcoal smoker ,it does really look , a lot more compact So, they are not actually cons but merely suggestions to how the product could have been a lot better.

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