Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker Review

When it comes to meat, smoking is one of the best ways to harness the tantalizing juicy flavor. Gas smokers have for this reason been in high demand for some time now. The Smoke Hollow model number 44241G2 vertical LP gas smoker is a great smoker for those seeking to undertake some large capacity smoking.

With a cooking capacity of a whopping 44-inch cabinet, it ranks as the highest ranking gas smoker in terms of cooking capacity. What’s more, the smoker boasts an amazing double door system so that wood pans and water can be fed without necessitating the opening of the top door thus saving heat and locking in smoke. The meat thus gets adequate moisture and heat as it stays in the controlled environment with little exposure. It also boasts a neat pair of separately controlled stainless steel burners such that users have great control of heat emitted as necessary.

Main Features

  • Large cooking capacity – This vertical LP boasts a welded 44-inch cabinet allowing you to smoke your ribs, turkey and pork easily.
  • Double door system – The doors are welded and the double door system allows for greater control of heat and moisture by enabling the user feed wood pans and water without having to open the top door so that heat and smoke do not escape. This feature gets you better results with your meat by locking in juices so it does not dry out but cooks evenly.
  • Dual burner system – The twin burners are made from stainless steel. They are 10,000 BTU and built inline though controlled separately so that you can easily adjust temperatures from low to high and vice versa as desired thus better control. It also comes with two wood chip pans that are porcelain coated.


With the smoker you also get one rib crack, two jerky trays and three standard cooking grates.


This gas smoker comes with a lot of perks!

  • It not only delivers delicious tasting smoked meat but also works efficiently for large capacity smoking. You can fit in large amounts of anything you want smoked and get excellent results because of the heat and moisture retaining mechanism brought about by the double door system.
  • It further delivers a high level of user control because of the double door and burner systems thus the conditions for smoking are always determined by the user.
  • The temperature is also easy to control as desired so that you can easily adjust the conditions when need be.
  • The vertical LP also delivers combustion that is free of ash thus cleaning up is quite easy.
  • What’s more is that it can be set to smoke and left while attending to other chores without compromising the intended results. This means that you do not have to watch your meat until ready and you can get some work done as the smoker gets its own work done.
  • Assembly, cleaning and use of the vertical LP is very easy thus delivering great value for money with the outstanding features at a very affordable price.
  • The tip of the iceberg is that it is made by a well trusted manufacturer; Smoky Hollow and thus ranks highly in gas smokers for quality delivery.


As with every great invention, this gas smoker comes with a few weaknesses.

  • It can be hard to fill with such a large cabinet thus lead to wastage of heat energy if used for smoking little pieces. This is to mean that it works optimally for large capacity smoking and using it for small scale smoking would lead to a waste of energy.
  • After assembly, it can also be quite heavy to move around thus necessitating a stationary destination for convenience.
  • A little smoke can also tend to leak around the doors thus necessitating sealing to keep it in.

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